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Tennis Elbow – Our New Approach

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NewApproach logoFor more than 10 years, Guts and Glory Tennis has taken a keen interest in helping tennis players, both local and distance, who have been experiencing arm discomfort. We’ve seen A LOT, learned A LOT… AND we’ve helped HUNDREDS of players find a solution and resume playing free of pain.  We want to help even more players in 2016 and beyond!

In reflecting on our interactions with customers since 2008 we have realized that just providing desirable specifications and lists of arm-friendly equipment is not enough. The public wants more. Customers with individual questions and issues call us every day, sometimes multiple times, and we typically spend considerable time helping them diagnose a possible cause of their discomfort as well as time reviewing and evaluating their current equipment. Often we end up spending time online conducting spec searches and recommending replacement frames as well as strings and tensions to help them play once again without pain.  Our success rate is extremely high and we take great pride in being able to give back to the community we love by using our knowledge and experience to help players who are hurting.

Unfortunately we do not always have the time needed to sufficiently help each person who reaches out to us.  We refer them to our popular blog post about “Selecting Elbow Friendly Racquets” (note the litany of comments!) but we realize that most want more. They NEED more. While we believe the specs we have outlined are helpful to many, it can get much more complex when you start factoring in head size, technologies, string patterns, etcetera.  Also, it is no longer effective to look at the frame in isolation.  Often the string choice and tension is just as crucial if not more so.

The total equipment package must be examined in its entirety to understand the root of the pain and to address it properly.  Likewise the total package must be evaluated for those approaching it from a preventive paradigm.  Understanding string options today is highly involved. The volume of strings alone can be overwhelming and when you add the complexities of looking at hybrids consisting of different string materials, shapes, gauges and tensions the possibilities are virtually limitless.  It requires exceptional knowledge of strings and materials and experience with them in order to examine and make sound recommendations.  We possess this knowledge base and are willing to share, but we needed to find an efficient way to manage the way we interact with our customers.

Thus we are thrilled to announce that we have created a brand new online class!!!   We believe by offering information via an online class format we will be able to provide the best service we know possible to tennis players who may be suffering from equipment related arm pain AND those being proactive and trying to avoid it entirely.

Easily accessed classroom technology with a super friendly user interface did not exist back in 2008 when we started blogging about tennis elbow related issues, but it sure does now and it’s powerful!  We believe that a formal online classroom setting is perfect for helping players suffering from equipment related arm discomfort.  We have structured our class to function as an independent/individual study where players can share their story with us by responding to the questions we need to assess their situation. Since it is all conducted online, the student can determine when he/she wants to interact and respond to us.   It allows us to respond in a thoughtful and thorough manner–one in which we are not trying to hustle through a phone consultation because we have a pile of racquets waiting to be strung.

We are extremely excited about this new offering and have spent a good amount of time preparing NEW materials and setting up an online structure to support it.  We’ve titled our course “Tennis Elbow Evaluation:  Individual Study” and it is being run on the CourseCraft platform.

You are invited to pop on over to our landing page where you will find a more detailed explanation of how the course is structured as well as a Table of Contents.  We look forward to you joining us and allowing us to help you using our cool new and highly interactive classroom structure.  Just follow the link below (or above) and the rest is easy!!!

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