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“BLADES OF GLORY” Calling League And Tournament Players!

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bnGuts and Glory Tennis is a leader in optimizing your equipment to enhance your game.  We combine extensive knowledge of our MSV and WeissCANNON string offerings with information about your preferred racquet frame and style of play to design a personal setup that will help you #PlayBetterTennis.  If you are not currently using our strings, we know we can create a custom setup that will not only excite you, but save you considerable money on stringing.  Read on…

As we creep up on retirement age, we are hoping to contribute to the tennis community that we adore in new and exciting ways that will take the current tennis sponsorship paradigm and shake it to the very core.  We are working closely with our partner companies to create a program unique in the world of tennis…and quite frankly long overdue!

Guts and Glory Tennis is delighted to announce that we are seeking tournament and league players of diverse ages, genders, races and skill levels to offer stringing support sponsorships.  Yes, that is correct.  No longer are we only sponsoring select highly ranked juniors and tour level players…rather we are interested in introducing our strings to the players who are the backbone of the sport with various sponsorship packages.  We are seeking influential players on league teams and who play in tournaments.  Players who are genuinely interested in improving their games, helping their teammates/training partners, and saving money on stringing are our target market.  We are looking to create  mutually beneficial sponsorship packages.  If you think you might be interested, please contact us.

We are also keenly interested in supporting tennis stringers of all levels by offering discount buying programs for our WeissCANNON and MSV string products.  If you are offering stringing services and are interested in purchasing at discount levels, we would be eager to work with you and discuss how we can save you money and help you increase your profits per stringing.

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