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Starting February 20, 2021 we are delighted to announce we will become an official Prince Tennis Dealer…YOUR OFFICIAL PRINCE DEALER! How did this happen? What does this mean? Read on…

For the past several years, Prince Tennis has been in a tailspin. Spiraling downward since the introduction of the port design frames when nearly their entire stable of professional players abandoned them due to lack of feel with those racquets. Prince fell fast from a shining star in the tennis industry to a company filing for bankruptcy.

They have reorganized, but virtually all traditional distribution channels in the USA have been lost…abandoned. In my mind Prince was too far gone to revive and too irrelevant to really matter anymore. Like many in the tennis world, I tuned them out and moved on.

If you follow this blog and my business, you know I am keenly interested in helping players who are experiencing equipment related arm pain. I have been on the Donnay train for a number of years and still recognize them as a legitimate option. I did decide to resell Donnay for a few years, but stopped because they did not sell well and so that I could maintain my objectivity when recommending frames to those coming to me with tennis elbow issues.

One product Donnay failed to offer, and in fact no one offered, was an oversized frame with arm-friendly specifications. Until recently all OS frames available in the USA were frankly too stiff, too light, too head heavy and too long to be reasonable for their intended audience. Last year, Wilson introduced a new line with good flexibility…the Clash series. I was delighted when they added an oversized frame to this series and began referring customers to that frame. The problem is the Clash has different flex points that feel odd to some players. In short, it is a love it or hate it frame. So really not an ideal option.

And then, while doing a spec search recently, I stumbled upon the most pleasant surprise…The Prince Phantom 107G. I was aware Prince came out of bankruptcy, reorganized and introduced a flexible player’s racquet called the Phantom. I was naturally attracted to the specs, (low flex) but of course the head size was too small and power level too low for my OS users. I figured it was a decent frame, but in my mind Prince was literally on life support, so I really paid it very little attention. Little did I know the Phantom line was rapidly expanding and that it was producing a huge variety of options featuring the arm friendliness of the original Phantom.

When I discovered the new Prince Phantom 107G I could not have been any more excited. Headsize 107, 11.4oz strung, Flex 63, length 27″, 7 pts HL, Swingweight 319, 16×19 pattern. For those who may not be familiar…these specs are AMAZINGLY good. An OS arm friendly frame with decent power…FINALLY something I can refer players to consider. FINALLY!!!!

As I read about it, I found myself becoming more immersed in learning about the current Prince lineup. I had no idea what Prince had been up to. Quietly rebuilding. Developing products that make me say “wow…I had no idea.”

Phantom frame after Phantom frame…all possessing awesome specs. Heck, Prince may in fact now offer the best overall line of racquets in the industry, period! The only trouble is…no one knows about them. Virtually no one realizes Prince is clearly out of the dark abyss where they had been mired for many years. Yet, I see it. I believe.

So, knowing that Prince receives very little attention presently and realizing they indeed offer a terrific line of racquets with arm-friendly specs…I decided to become an Official Prince tennis racquet dealer. My demo racquets will arrive next week and I will have them available for my local stringing customers. I intend to promote the brand and sell the frames because I believe they are indeed versatile, arm-friendly and unique.

If you are interested in learning more about the new Prince frames, I’d love to talk with you. For my local customers, I am offering special purchase incentives and DEMOS. For those from afar, feel free to contact me via email or phone (Look us up at and we can work something out where I can educate you and offer some string/stringing related incentives if you choose to purchase from us. Prince does not allow us to resell online so you will not find the racquets on our web site. However, we are eager to get these frames into your hands so why not order through us?

Welcome back Prince and welcome to Guts and Glory Tennis!

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