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“Knot Too Far!” – Our Innovative Take On Racquet Stringing via Mail

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Times are changing. Paradigms are shifting. The way consumers and businesses interact are much different in 2022 than they were just 5 years ago. A dedicated family run business such as ours, must adapt to stay current and relevant. We aren’t satisfied with simply being “revelant”, so “industry leading” is what we are aiming to achieve with our new “Knot Too Far” Distance Racquet Stringing Service.

Between the meteoric rise of Amazon and the shocking cultural upheaval of the Coronavirus Pandemic, the way consumers are being serviced is changing dramatically. Amazon is a monster. Virtually anything you can think of can be ordered from the comfort of your favorite chair and delivered in just a few days. Restaurants are working with delivery companies like Door Dash to bring a fresh hot meal to your door in an hour. Heck, you can even negotiate for a new car online and have it delivered directly to your door. So why not provide racquet stringing services using this same model? A model that is simple, easy, fast and convenient. Our intent is to provide such a service to the tennis playing public.

Are we the first to offer such a service? No. Others have attempted and failed. Will we be the first to find the secret sauce to succeed? You betcha!

Our business model makes the process simple, easy, fast and convenient. A full description is on our web site but here is a quick synopsis.

  1. Customers visit our web site and order racquet services directly from us.
  2. We provide a prepaid shipping label to them via email to print and place on their mailing box. Racquet(s) are easily shipped to us FREE of charge.
  3. We receive racquet(s) via FedEx and give them priority status. Racquets are professionally strung and shipped back, FREE of charge, the next business day.
  4. You receive your professionally strung racquet, take it to the courts and immediately realize the benefits of playing with a professional and freshly strung racquet from Guts and Glory Tennis.

What makes our “Knot Too Far” distance stringing service industry leading?

Why should tennis players use it?

Convenience – We provide FREE shipping both ways via FedEx Ground Service. No worries about dropping off and picking up racquets during a restricted block of time. Your expertly strung racquet will be delivered directly to your door.

Consistency – When stringing with us, your racquets are strung by the same professional technician each and every time. This leads to a level of consistency equivalent to having your own personal stringer. Services making use of multiple stringers, regardless of level of experience, simply can not provide the same level of consistency.

Extensive Tennis Industry Expertise – Many services make use of employees who are taught how to install strings into a frame. They are generally competent, but is competent good enough when an important match is on the line? At Guts and Glory Tennis, our owner, a long time tennis industry professional, brings 20+ years experience and a national reputation for being a leading innovator in stringing services and an industry expert in the area of strings and stringing materials.

Access to Personalized Equipment Consulting – When stringing with us, you will have direct access via email, phone and text to our owner who will be serving as your personal stringer. Before the first stringing you and he will discuss your current equipment, style of play, and parts of your game you are working to improve where equipment, specifically string type and tension, can make a huge impact. We were among the first in USA to study and recognize the power of combining string characteristics of poly-based strings in hybrids to enhance and fine tune on court performance. In short, we work with you to identify and recommend a string type and tension based on your total game. We also have expertise in the area of equipment related tennis elbow and use techniques that have proven successful at getting player back on the court pain free. Our goal is to help you vitalize your racquet to provide the best possible on court performance and keep you playing pain free in regard to equipment related arm pain.

We Are Different and Different is Good! – We are well-known for being innovative. For example, we offer a proprietary method of Proportional Stringing that is available at no extra charge when it can help with either arm pain or increased racquet performance. Our base stringing service does include innovative stringing techniques, unique to us, that we have learned through years of experience. The result is a stringed performance that is distinct in a very good way. Many of our customers tell us that our racquets feel good and they don’t get the same feel or performance when others perform the stringing services. We specialize in stringing poly-based strings using methods to help them maximize their playing properties.

Equipment – Your racquet is strung on professional grade equipment. The same equipment is used at professional tennis matches and by tour level professionals. However, we make use of a precise clamping system that most in the industry do not use. We also regularly use a string spacing tool, (again not commonly used by most stringers), to eliminate any chances of string burn or notching during the installation process. We have expensive, sophisticated tools to help us measure string bed and racquet characteristics to assure the result of your stringing is EXACTLY the same as previous stringings…assuming no changes to string type or tension are made.

We Care – We take a tremendous amount of pride in helping our customers play better tennis. It is important to us to provide world class customer service in a friendly and comfortable manner. Toward that end, we expect this level of personal service may eventually become private once capacity reaches a certain level so if you think you may benefit, now is the perfect time to become a customer.


  1. A well-conceived business model that leverages our high volume postal activity to make free shipping possible both ways.
  2. Turnaround time is as fast or faster than going to a local big box retailer, especially for our target market, those in GA and surrounding areas where shipping is just 1 day travel time.
  3. Consistency of working exclusively with a tennis equipment professional who literally becomes your personal stringer.
  4. The quality, diversity and performance advantages of the strings we use combined with expert installation.
  5. Plus a FREE overgrip, if desired, is the cherry on top!

Ready to order? This link will take you directly to a page on our web site where you can initiate your order and learn more about how it works. If you have questions, please reach out to us in our shoppe. We have not been actively responding to questions posted in blog entries because there are just so many hours in the day.

NOTE: This service is currently only open to customers with delivery addresses in the continental USA.

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