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wcflier21Guts and Glory Tennis is extremely proud to be the official US distributor for WeissCANNON string products. WeissCANNON offers one of the most exciting line of premium strings currently available in the USA.

We believe that customers will be delighted by the superior play of the WeissCANNON Silverstring, arguably the most technologically advanced and finest playing poly-based string on the market today. Outstanding control, tension maintenance, spin and a special feel that is completely unique to this string. Available in 1.25mm and 1.20mm versions. This string will blow poly-based string lovers away.

In 2008 WeissCANNON ventured away from the poly-based strings and took a bold step into the land of multifil strings. The Explosiv! has shined brightly by outperforming all other multis in on-court playtests in the areas of tension maintenance and overall playability. Quite simply, the Explosiv! is the best multi on the market today, bar none!

The WeissCANNON Scorpion is delighting our local stringing customers who are seeking a string offering an uncompromising blend of comfort, power and control. This string is the darling of our local customers who have made it our best-selling local copolymer in 2007. It comes in a pearlized white color and is available in 1.22mm, 1.28mm and 1.33mm.

The WeissCANNON MatchPower comes in a milky cream color as well orange. Like the other WeissCANNON offerings, it offers outstanding tension maintenance as well as comfort and good tension maintenance.

WeissCANNON introduced a new poly-based string in the summer of 2008 called Repulse. This product is a special ultra-thin 1.13mm poly-based string.  The string offers excellent comfort as well as lively performance and OUTSTANDING SPIN!!  It is not designed for huge hitting excessive spin players, but rather those with moderate swing speeds who are not frequent string breakers.  The spin production and control is enhanced greatly for players fitting this profile.

Be sure to also check out the fantastic performing premium solid core string from WeissCANNON, the SuperCable. Available in a power yellow color and 1.30mm gauge, this string is a terrific change of pace for those seeking a change of pace from poly based string offering or a great hybrid option.

This section of the blog is set up for you to share your impressions of the high-quality WeissCANNON string products that we carry.

For more information on WeissCANNON USA, please visit the official website today!

7 thoughts on “WeissCANNON

  1. hiro44212 on said:

    I’ve tried Signum Pro Poly Plasma, Topspin Cyberflash, Kirschbaum Pro Line 2, and Luxilon Big Banger, and none of them compare to this string. It’s comfortable and lets you take HUGE cuts on the ball. Topspin serves and groundstrokes are a dream with this racquet, and my backhand slice has more bite than ever. I use this string in the mains and Forten Sweet 16g in the crosses of my racquet, and it’s the greatest thing in the world. Even if you don’t hybrid string, I would still recommend these strings to anybody who hasn’t found what they want in previous poly strings. – Kevin 11/07

  2. Al on said:

    Here’s some feedback on the WeissCANNON Silverstring 1.20mm as posted on another major web site.

    Comments: As a stringer I have tried most of the high-end co-polys and this ranks near the top, if not the top. Don’t be fooled by all the hype that Luxilon gets, there are many other co-polys selling for less that offer much better performance and value. Try it!
    From: Mark, Monterey, CA, USA, 10/07

    Comments: I am a USTA 5.0 Player. I have used several brands of 18 gauge Copolymer strings brands such as Wilson Enduro Pro 18, Luxilon Timo 18, and Wilson Reaction 17. I have 3 Wilson K Factor KSix Team racquets that are strung with the Copolymers in the main and VS tour gut 17 in the crosses on a Babolat Star 5 machine . This string will give you the Federer control and power you have been looking for. It’s simply amazing the feel and control you will get. I am very pleased by its overall maintenance of tension and durability. I have over 20 hours on a 18 guage string and use a lot of topspin on my serve and ground strokes, give it a try I think you will be suprisingly pleased.
    From: Christopher, Atlanta, Georgia, United States. 10/07

    Comments: This is the best string I have ever used. Way easier on the arm than Luxilon, better string tension holding that Kirchbaum Touch Turbo and fantastic control and spin. You have to try this.
    From: Dan, Redding, CT, USA, 07/07

    Comments: The best string on the market. It has just as much power and retains tension just as good as sppp. But it has more feel and better control than sppp. It has a crisp feel, amazing power, and an overall playability that’s as good as almost any string on the market. Its durability is great, 50+ hours and no signs of it breaking any time soon. I don’t think I�ll cut it out yet, still life left in them. Recommended to everyone.
    From: Will, Chicago, IL, USA. 7/07

    Comments: Put this in my Head PT57 A (Pro Tour pj) at 22/21 and played a couple sets of doubles with it this morning. Hit more lines with my topspin forehand than usual so something had to be up. My guess is the strings had something to do with it. Excellent pop with control, spin, and comfort. Is this the best string ever? Hard to say but it�s pretty good stuff. Highly recommended!
    From: Tom, Canton, OH, USA. 7/07

    Comments: The absolute best copolymer currently available, bar none! Fantastic feel, dynamite control, and playability that lasts. Hard to ask for anything more from a string.
    From: Jake, MA, USA. 5/07

    Comments: Best string ever made. Beats Luxilon and S.P.P.P and Topspin Cyberflash pretty easily with its control, tension maintenance, spin, feel.
    From: Campbell, Prescott Valley, AZ, USA. 5/07

  3. Volleyman on said:

    I’ve had this set of Yonex Super 880 Ti Soft hanging around for almost a year now, with plans to use it as a cross for some poly mains. Well, I finally got off my rear and tried it.

    Strung it up last night with Silverstring 17L mains and Super 880 Ti crosses, both at 50 lbs on my Mutual Power Hercules drop-weight. Put the strings in my Head Microgel Extreme (not the Pro Model).


    This was a half set of Silverstring, left over from a previous hybrid, so I didn’t get to enjoy the standard poly snarl.

    The 880 Ti was soft, easy to work with, and absolutely refused to tangle upon release from confinement. I was pleasantly surprised.

    The 880 is also a surprisingly fragrant string.

    Stringing the mains was easy, as per normal. Stringing the crosses was relatively easy: the 880 offered me enough purchase to weave effectively, and it didn’t grab at the Silverstring.

    880 was reasonably stretchy, but not overly so.


    Took this out for a World Team Tennis Match and associate playing. Played a set of mixed, a set of men’s doubles and did some hitting, and on slow, slow indoor HarTru (clay).

    Power: Nice, controlled power. I could keep the ball deep fairly easily, but it didn’t feel as if I was playing with a rocket launcher.

    There was sufficient power there for heavy groundstrokes, strong serves and mid-court put-aways.

    Control/Spin: Control was excellent. Spin was easy to apply. I really felt as if I could hit my spots with all my shots, and hit some doozies in men’s doubles. It took a little while to get the feel for the slice backhand, though.

    Feel/Touch: Surprisingly good for a poly mains string job. Felt soft, but there was plenty of touch for tricky half volleys and volleys. I even got in a couple nasty touch lobs in (and gave up a few crushed overheads as well).

    Comfort: Another pleasant surprise. This combo didn’t have that signature poly harshness. It’s not as comfortable as gut hybrid, or a full multi-job, but if it’s not the most comfortable poly mains hybrid I’ve ever tried, then it’s tied for first.

    Strong Movement/Durability: Some string movement, mostly in the crosses, but not too much. I certainly didn’t notice it during play, only when I looked closely after getting home.

    Durability so far looks to be good. No notching on either the mains or crosses is visible.

    The issue here, as with all poly mains string jobs, is how long before the Silverstring goes dead and loses playability. I’m not sure.

    Cost: About $10 per racquet, somewhat less if you’re buying the Silverstring in reels.

    Verdict: So far, it plays great! I’ll update after another play session (or two?) .

  4. patrick on said:

    I had not heard of weiss cannon, just interested in your opinion on how it compares to luxilon, tension loss,etc.

  5. patrick on said:

    quick comment on the yonex 880, I like the string for its playability and elasticity but always need to clean clamps after use.

  6. ggtennis on said:


    Thank you again for your comments and insights. WeissCANNON Silverstring is arguably the finest poly-based string on the market today. It outperforms Luxilon by a wide margin in almost all areas including tension loss. The Luxilon ALU was developed in 1992 and uses much older technology than the newer technologically advanced Silverstring.

    The Yonex 880ti is a nice product. Durability is not great and as you mention it does have a coating that can leave residue on the clamps. We used to use the Yonex 880ti as a string for our customers suffering from TE, but we have since switched to the new WeissCANNON Explosiv! (a premium, high thread count multi) when it was introduced in summer 2008.

  7. Zeke Sheppard on said:

    Actually prefer the Weiss TurboTwist 1.18 to the Silverstring since it seems a bit crisper. Both are quite good, though.

    The TurboTwist is somewhat similar to Lux TIMO 17g, but somewhat softer, livelier, and more durable. Maintains tension much better.

    As a longtime (co-)poly consumer, these are the best yet, regardless of price. The search is over!


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