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Fresh Strings = Superior Play

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This past weekend was the semi-finals of the MxD playoffs for our local ALTA tennis league. I have a large number of customers who play for two local neighborhood teams that squared off this past Saturday. For grins and giggles I attended and made a curious observation.

Let me begin by stating it was fun to be among so many customers. The tennis was competitive and fun to watch. My proudest moments were when the line 3’s and 4’s took to the courts and all 8 racquets in play were strung by Guts and Glory Tennis!

Here’s the interesting observation. A number of players from each team had their racquets restrung before the match. What I found was that in every case, the player holding the most freshly strung racquet, (who did not have a partner fighting the flu), ended up winning his or her match. The conclusion, Watson, is elementary. “Freshly strung racquets are winning racquets.” The moral of the story is before your next must-win match, it may pay to have your racquet freshly restrung with the professionals at Guts and Glory Tennis.

Congratulations Morningview on your thrilling semifinal victory.  Good luck in the City Finals!

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