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Prince Recoil – The “Real” Deal

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Okay…our blog readers may have noted a twinge of doubt and sarcasm in our previous post concerning the new Prince Recoil string. We were skeptics, especially given the price. However, we now have additional experience with this string, more notably, our customers have experience with this string and it has impressed us beyond our wildest […]

Copoly Hybrids – How to Choose a Cross String

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Each week we receive questions from customers seeking advice about hybrid string setups, specifically with poly-based strings. This post seeks to provide a general guide to those who are considering a poly-based hybrid. Generally the first decision to make is whether to use the poly-based strings as the main or the cross. The answer to […]

WeissCANNON = High Grade

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Last week we had several conversations with customers describing the difference between premium copoly strings and their lesser cost counterparts. Of course, WeissCANNON is one of the brands we carry and it clearly resides in the category of premium copolymer. But what does this really mean and how is it any different? First, it is […]

Our stringing Kung Fu is very strong!

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Bear in mind, stringing customers who venture outside of the friendly confines of Guts and Glory Tennis seem to always find their way home. Just this week we had 3 former customers confess to going elsewhere for racquet stringing. Saving a few $’s by giving their racquets to an independent local basement stringer, literally stringing […]

Stringing from afar…

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Guts and Glory Tennis provides custom stringing services via mail for customers who do not reside in our service area. We have a number of customers throughout the continental USA who choose to use our services. Many of our customers using this service are badminton players while another group are those seeking a stringer for […]

LaserFibre Phenom Update

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Many local customers know we are currently sold out of LaserFibre Supernatural Gut Phenom XRC in 16 and 17 gauge.  We appreciate your patience and want you to know we have spoken with LaserFibre to determine the delivery date.  The strings are currently being laser treated which is a process that is done in the […]

New Products Arrive

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The following new items are now available. MSV Focus Hex, one of our best-selling copoly strings, is now available in a new thicker/more durable diameter, 1.28mm, which equates to a guage of 16L. Currently this product is only available in white. We expect to have it available in white, black and red in early June. […]

On the Horizon…

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Several of our customers have contacted us recently inquiring about the newest, latest and greatest.  We are known for being the first to introduce new string products to the USA.  Indeed we have been the first to introduce many outstanding string products.  As a result, we are continually receiving samples for playtesting.  To be honest, […]

No Frills…

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No Frills…Just Thrills! Guts and Glory Tennis is interested to see how our customers will respond to lower-cost high quality tennis string products. The concept is similar to generic products you might find in a pharmacy. Reduce costs by eliminating the frills, ie fancy packaging, marketing, advertising and branding. The customer receives a product in […]

International Business Suspended

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Dear Friends Living Abroad: When Guts and Glory Tennis was founded in 2003, we built the business upon the cornerstone of unwavering customer service. Our published Philosophy of Service is to “Delight, marvel and inspire customers with world-class service emphasizing quality, consistency, innovation, convenience and value.” We began as a local business eventually expanding into […]

New Product: Tourna Grip II

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Earlier this year Unique Sports products was victorious in a lawsuit in which they successfully defended their trademarked color of overgrip. While the color is the same, the overgrip is new. For years the standard by which overgrips have been measured is the classic version of Tournagrip. While it remains an outstanding product that many […]

New Product: Western and Semi-Western Grips

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Guts and Glory Tennis is excited to make available, for the first time to the general public, Western and Semi-Western Replacement Grips. Many of our customers have coaches who are encouraging a grip change for added spin and more power. Our new western and semi-western grips will allow you to wail away just like Rafa […]

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