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Guts and Glory Tennis is a different kind of company. We stand out from the competition in a variety of ways. We are not afraid to objectively test new products and we are often the first to bring them to market.

Another key difference is our extreme commitment to provide quality products and services to our customers. We are full time tennis equipment professionals and we take a great deal of pride in “knowing our stuff.” When working with us, you get the full benefit of our years of knowledge coupled with an emphasis on customer care.

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to assist one of my local stringing customers. She was extremely upset because she had purchased the new Prince Platinum racquet from a local tennis specialty store and she could not keep the ball in play. The racquet had entirely too much power for her game. It was eons away in terms of specs from her previous racquet. i.e. previous racquet flex = 50, new racquet flex = 71. Had the local retailer been focused on the customer they may have asked questions about her game, style of play, hitting preferneces etcetera. They then would have steered her to a more appropriate racquet choice. However, the lure of a fast sale on a new and expensive racquet was simply too much temptation and the deed was done.

In addition to encouraging her to purchase an inappropriate racquet, they also strung it with powerful strings…the dreaded double whammy! The specs of this Price racquet, IMO, are absolutely horrible. If I were a traditional shop owner I would reject this racquet refusing to carry it. I wouldn’t give a darn if the markup was 250% and it was the hottest selling racquet on the planet. The bottom line is that I believe it is the antithesis of arm friendly and I refuse to subject my customers to a racquet that is produced to what I consider to be grossly inappropriate specifications. It is, simply put, an arm problem in waiting.

We were able to use a new technology string just brought to the market from Topspin tennis to tame the power. I seriously doubt if any local stringers or tennis retailers have knowledge of the string or carry it as part of their inventory. The difference is, we do! After playing, the customer told me the racquet performed like a dream for her. We were able to successfully bring the power level to something acceptable, but I fear how long she can play without damaging her arm. The Platinum is simply too powerful to use any of my beloved multis or natural gut and too large to use our Sweet Spot Enhancement stringing method with any success. This will be the ultimate test for the new Topspin Energy string.

Anyway I just think it is interesting to see what we are doing compared to our competitors. This week, while local tennis retailers are bringing in and selling goo-gobs of Prince O3 Speedport Platinums, we are bringing in the much lesser bally-hooed Kneissl Black Star. For grins and giggles, look at the specs!

Prince 03 Speedport Platinum

Kneissl Black Star

Headsize: 125 inches

Headsize: 110 inches

Length: 27.5 inches

Length: 27.4 inches

Weight: 9.5 ounces

Weight: 11.1 ounces

Stiffness: 71

Stiffness: 58

Beam Width: 27-30-27

Beam Width: 23

Balance: 7 points Head Heavy

Balance: 5 points Head Light

In terms of arm health please keep the following risk factors in mind.

1. Racquets weighing less than 11 oz.
2. Racquets with a stiffness over 67
3. Racquets that are head heavy.

Any combination of one or more of the above make the racquet particularly susceptible to contributing to tennis elbow. There is simply no comparison between the two in terms of arm health. Winner = Kneissl.

In the long run, the sales of the Prince O3 Speedport racquet will be a boom to our local stringing business as many will suffer from elbow and control issues and will ultimately seek us out. Our knowledge of equipment will end up helping them, but realistically they may have to select a different, more arm-friendly racquet.

Guts and Glory Tennis: where “Different is GOOD!”

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