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Save gas and money!!! Guts and Glory Tennis has always offered FREE racquet pick-up and delivery services for the convenience of our customers. With the outrageous cost of fuel, these services are now more valuable than ever. We can help our local customers save $$$ on your racquet stringing.

With other services customers will drive at least 5 – 10 miles, one way, for racquet service. They will also have to drive that distance a second time to pickup their racquet. Let’s assume the total distance traveled is 32 miles for both trips. In a vehicle getting 20 miles per gallon, the fuel costs alone (1.5 gallons) will be greater than $5.75! Why add that cost to your stringing when you can string with us and no doubt get higher quality service than you will find elsewhere?

Effective June 2008 we have added conditions to our FREE pick-up and delivery service. These conditions have been added due to the increasing fuel cost to help us avoid any price increase for our stringing customers.

1. Weather – We now make the majority of our pick-ups and deliveries with the use of our ultra-cool and fuel efficient motor scooter. We only provide this service on days in which the weather allows us to safely ride. For safety reasons, when the weather is inclement we do not provide pickup and delivery service.

2. Friday Limits – We now proudly service over 700 local stringing customers and that number continues to increase! We have noted a sharp increase in requests for service on Thursday and Friday. Due to the shear volume of requests for racquet service, we are not able to provide full pick-up and delivery services on many Fridays. We are still able to service customer racquets before the Saturday matches, but in many instances customers will need to travel to us to drop off and pick up their racquets.

3. Multiple Racquet Quota – Sadly in order to continue running our pick-up and delivery service efficiently, we need to institute a minimum racquet requirement. To qualify for FREE racquet pick-up and delivery service we need to string at least 2 racquets from each pick-up site. (Can be from same family, family and friends…be creative!) If only stringing one racquet, a small service fee of $2.00 – $3.50 (depending on distance traveled) will be added for customers using our service. The multiple racquet quota does not apply to customers residing within 4 miles of our shop.

We still proudly service all neighborhoods in our service delivery area. The majority of these neighborhoods are located within the blue circled area of the map below.

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