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Our Inventory = Another HUGE Advantage

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The other day we were asked why we provide so many string offerings to our customers?  The answer is simple.  Customers have different preferences and needs and we want to be equipped to meet these needs in the best manner possible.  Many local stringers and stores have core offerings consisting of basic string types.  These meet basic needs and can be analogous to an ice cream store carrying the basic flavors; vanilla, chocolate and perhaps strawberry.  At Guts and Glory Tennis we carry a huge offering of string flavors for our customers to select.  With such a large inventory we can tickle the the tennis tongue and delight the tennis pallet better than our competitors.  Yet another fantastic reason to choose Guts and Glory Tennis for your local stringing needs.

We carry over 50 variety of strings and when you consider we offer these in various colors and gauges, our total inventory consists of over 125 sku’s.  With this arsenal at our disposal we are able to help you find a string type that will enhance your game (or look good or both!).  Each player has unique preferences and needs.  We take into account style of play, racquet type, string bed density, physical challenges and previous experience with string offerings when helping our customers identify a string setup that will work for them.  To go back to our ice cream analogy, while a basic vanilla may meet your needs, perhaps a french vanilla or vanilla with the bean may be something you prefer.  We offer the subtleties and varieties that others with smaller inventory can not provide to their customers.

2 thoughts on “Our Inventory = Another HUGE Advantage

  1. patrick on said:

    I like the ice cream analogy. Sometimes I feel we overwelm our customers with two much information and talk our way out of a sale due to the fact that the customer has too much information to process. Sometimes if a customer is wanting something new I will offer vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and stay away from the rocky road or jerry garcia for the time being.

  2. ggtennis on said:


    Thank you for your comment. It is very true that string choice and selection can be overwhelming to customers and sometimes it is best to keep it simple. However, properly advised the customer has a chance to find something that fits their situation and game.

    ie Yesterday I strung a racquet for a tournament playing junior. Durability with multis is an issue for him, yet he enjoys the comfort and added power he gets from them. In his situation we moved him to KLiP Scorcher which is a premium solid core with multi wraps. Durability with the Scorcher is better than multis and power/comfort is greater than synthetics. By having this “flavor” on hand I was able to advise him about the specs and get him into a new string that I am confident will meet his needs. If I only had the standards flavors with which to work, I would not have been able to go this route.

    Thanks again for your comment and please check back often!


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