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WeissCANNON and Guts and Glory Tennis understand the financial challenges that these economic times are presenting to many throughout the USA. In an effort to be supportive of our customers who are seeking high quality strings at a price points they can afford, we are instituting a program where we subsidize pricing on select WeissCANNON […]


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Another SECRET SALE!!! As a reader of our blog site you know that we run specials here from time to time that are not located on our web site. Today and until product sells, we are offering a clearance sale on Topspin CyberBlue reels. These 726′ beauties just arrived from Germany and some have been […]

We’re at it again…

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Guts and Glory Tennis is proud of our pioneering spirit.  Whether people realize it or not, we have made a significant impact on tennis players throughout the USA with our ability to locate, playtest and introduce new string products to the US marketplace. Did you know we were the first in the USA to introduce […]

Are Poly-Based strings more powerful than synthetics?

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We are frequently asked about the inherent power of strings. Some people believe that poly and poly-based strings offer greater power than synthetics and some believe they offer more power than natural gut. Is this belief true or false? The belief that poly and poly-based strings are more powerful is 100% false, however there is […]

1992…Geez that is OLD!!!

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In 1992 Johnny Carson hosted The Tonight Show for the final time. Steffi Graf d. Monica Seles in the Wimbledon Finals and Andre Agassi d. Goran Ivanisevic in the same tournament. Reebok launched it’s Dan vs. Dave commercials leading into the Barcelona Olympics. (One made the US team and the other did not make the […]

KLiP Excellerator – Rockin’ the House!

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Several years ago we playtested many of the KLiP offerings and came away impressed. At the time we were a much smaller operation with more limited offerings and decided not to introduce KLiP products to our local customers. (Probably not one of our wiser business decisions.) However, we always remembered the quality of the offerings. […]

Who’s Stringing Your Prince “Port-Style” Racquet?

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Prince tennis has long been an innovator in racquet design. Tennis players throughout the world have flocked to the new design that Prince refers to as O Ports and Speed Ports. What most tennis players do not know is that ALL of the new Prince “port” frames that have ports located on the 3 and […]

True Confessions of a Tension Loss Snob

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When we first began our stringing business we were desperate to separate our fledgling company from competitors. We sought out to educate ourselves about strings and string products and through this process determined that tension loss was bad, in fact it was down right evil. We quickly jumped on this concept and while fully believing […]

Welcome KLiP!

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Not since Air Supply, have our mates from down under exported such a high-pitched product to the USA. KLiP strings proudly reflect the line of tennis excellence which made Australia a dominant world power in the sport. Guts and Glory Tennis is proud to be the only NE Metro Atlanta tennis stringing service to make […]

2009 – Let’s Get Wild!!!

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WAKE THE KIDS AND CALL THE NEIGHBORS!!! For 2009 we want to aggressively market our stringing services to new customers who reside in our service delivery area. Thus we are pleased to announce our “WILD 9’s” discount special. If you are currently using another stringing service for your racquet stringing, this is the perfect time […]

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