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First again!

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luflogo1Guts and Glory Tennis is thrilled to unveil a new string product that will absolutely revolutionize the entire industry.

For the past 5 years, Dr. Lars Lufferington, a Swedish chemist and engineer, has dedicated his life and family fortune to the pursuit and development of what he proudly calls “the greatest tennis string in the history of the world.” After nearly 3 years of rigorous playtesting and product development, his new company, LUF (pronounced LOOF), is officially launching this revolutionary product through Guts and Glory Tennis who will be the exclusive worldwide distributor for this and all future LUF tennis products.

The string, named APRILIA, is made with a revolutionary process where the finest natural gut fibers are essentially freeze-dried into a powder-like substance. This substance is then incorporated into a highly sophisticated polymer and extruded into ultra fine twisted threads. Over 1080 threads are then bound with a PATENTED thermal conductive molandoscope and coated with a new anthromacite coating which locks in playability allowing ZERO tension loss.

The APRILIA offers the feel, touch and power of natural gut along with the control and awesome spin production of the poly-based strings. In short, Dr. Lufferington, has created a string that offers all the properties of a natural gut/poly-based hybrid in a single string product. Best of all the string does not lose any tension or playability throughout the life of the string.

But wait…there’s more!!! The durability is off-the-charts excellent. In fact it is unconditionally guaranteed to last at least 40 hours of court time for even the biggest hitters. If it fails to perform for at least 40 hours or loses any playability for the life of the string, you can request a 2x your money back as part of the 200% satisfaction guarantee.

The new LUF APRILIA comes in three gauges, 1.29mm, 1.22mm and 1.13mm and will be imaged and available exclusively from the Guts and Glory website in the next 24 hours. We do have a limited supply on hand that we will sell to the first customers who contact us via email today. The product will feature introductory pricing of just $4.10 per 40′ set. Mini – reels will eventually be available and are projected to have an introductory cost of $41.09. We will be taking pre-orders for the mini reels starting today.

Join us in welcoming LUF to tennis and the USA! Be watching this blog and our twitter page for more information.

GOTCHA!!! We had a lot of fun with this posting.  Note it appeared on APRILIA FOOLS day.  Unfortunately the product described is imaginary, but it would indeed be wonderful if such a string did exist.  We hope you had as much fun with this as we did.  Sorry if you truly believed.  We were not sure many would buy the “freeze-dried natural gut powder” bit, but apparently they did.  Too funny.

2 thoughts on “First again!

  1. Jonathan on said:

    I just spoke to a friend in Europe who somehow got an advance sample of this product.

    He says it is the real deal. I am going to stock up now because I bet this thing is going to fly off the shelves. Thanks John for bringing this product in!

  2. Jonathan on said:

    Great April’s fools joke. I fell for it but then decided to play along to try to trick even more people. 🙂


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