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WeissCANNON Turbotwist – Initial review

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So who really cares if the coil memory of this product makes the installation process take a couple minutes longer??? It is soooo worth it!!!! The performance of the new WeissCANNON Turbotwist is shockingly good. It not only exceeded, it SHATTERED all reasonable expectations. This string clearly possesses all of the potential to be brobdingnagian, […]

MxD Season – some random thoughts to share.

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It’s almost here. MxD season is about to begin in Atlanta’s premiere doubles league, ALTA. Many of my like-gender friends do not look forward to MxD, but I do. I may go so far as to say I enjoy it even more than men’s doubles. Why? Well, the food at the matches takes a huge […]

WeissCANNON 6StarString – early rumblings

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The WeissCANNON 6StarString has yet to officially hit the US shores and already it is one of the most popular email subjects appearing in the ol’ inbox. Here are some tidbits for the curious. 1. We have two samples out and being playtested. Both in hybrids. We have identified a full-set playtester, but need the […]

Spider Silk – The Future of Tennis Strings?

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Here’s an interesting bit we ran across while surfing the web. Recent laboratory innovations have allowed scientists to clone spider silk. Bioengineered spider silk is said to be strong as steel, yet flexible at the same time. The article from a Tufts University journal (see link below) states that possible applications include use in sporting […]

May I have your attention please?

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Remember listening to the morning announcements in school throughout the years? Well, I was one of the students who was lucky enough to read the morning announcements.  Typically they consisted of a platter of information to keep the students informed and updated.  Today’s blog entry is just that, some announcements for our customers. 1.  As […]

Reducing and Eliminating Tennis String Movement

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Broccoli. A newlywed’s cooking. The swine flu. Serena after a loss. A root canal. Potholes. Jelena on a bad hair day. String movement. The Jimmy Fallon Show. What do each of the above have in common? They are all things that many of us dislike and strive to avoid. While each of us can manage […]

Dear Manny…

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Dear Manny, Thank you for taking time to visit our blog site. We understand for the next couple of months you will be seeking some sort of diversion until you can return to the diamond. We have a suggestion for you. Why not join our owner and founder, John, for some tennis doubles action? There […]

Something new…

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A few weeks ago we purchased a FLiP video camera so that we could take video of interesting products and situations we run across in our daily work.  Yesterday we had a few moments so we shot a cheesy video of a problem we found with a Prince Speedport Red.  We had not run across […]

Poly-based hybrids for junior players

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Over at Grand Slam Stringers there is a discussion thread (Vanilla hybrids for juniors) that has rendered me a bit bewildered. I choose not to post there  because I am obviously going to recommend strings we carry.  My fear is my post  may be perceived as one with ulterior motives when in reality it is […]

Spiraling cost of tennis strings.

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The cost of tennis strings is escalating rapidly.  Wilson is leading the way.  Most of their products as well as the Luxilon products they market are spiraling upwards.  Following them recently is Babolat who increased the cost of natural gut offerings to a staggering $41.95 per set.  I am not sure if it is quite […]

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