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msv-soft-control The newest MSV product, Soft-Control, has just hit the US shores and is available to you at an introductory price of $11.90 from Guts and Glory Tennis.

This particular string offers a unique construction, specifically designed to offer the comfort of traditional premium multis with the bonus of added control. Players who enjoy crisp playing multis, like Technifibre Bi-Phase and KLiP Excellerator are likely to enjoy the playability offered by this string.

Currently this 1330 thread multifilament string is offered in 1.25mm, 17 ga,  in the USA.

The diagram below provides a detailed look at the construction of this string product.


3 thoughts on “New MSV Multi

  1. Jonathan on said:

    You forgot to tell us the most important thing: how does it taste/smell? I had one customer who said she didn’t like the smell of a particular string so I am curious about the aroma of the new MSV string. Hopefully the “pu resin” isn’t as smelly as it sounds. 🙂

  2. ggtennis on said:

    Funny. PU = Polyurethane, BTW.
    There is a slight odor, but it is not as bad as some other strings omit. In terms of taste, as you know I do have a customer who does taste the strings he purchases from us. We will have to wait to hear back from him on that one. I do not personally taste test the strings. Maybe we should look into hiring an intern to perform this task for us???

  3. Jonathan on said:

    OK, good…I was worried about the “pu.” I think you need to hire a personal chef to do the taste testing for you. Plus, he could make home-made marshmallow peep smoothies for you and your local customers.

    Hmm…I would if a marshmallow peep smoothie could somehow be bottled up and sold in your online store as a post-match pick me up? 🙂

    I’ll stop cluttering up (for now at least) your blog with my silliness. 🙂

    Sounds like an interesting string!


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