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WeissCANNON TurboTwist

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We are currently conducting local playtests with WeissCANNON’s newest poly-based string, TurboTwist. This 1.18mm string features an innovative construction that has been patented. The manufacturer claims it will take poly-based strings to an entirely different level. We are excited to hit with it.

We are told this poly-based string offers the highest amount of controllable power found in any poly-based string product due in part to a high amount of elasticity. In fact, WeissCANNON suggests stringing it at the same tension as you would string a regular synthetic gut offering. By contrast they recommend an 8% tension drop when using Silverstring (one of the very best and most technologically advanced poly-based strings currently available.)

We will use this blog to review the string once playtest results become available. Until then, it is important to note that the string is expected to be available sometime in the next 4 – 8 weeks.

Our stringing experience was definitely not what we expected. The TurboTwist has more coil memory than most strings we have used. It reminded us of the Head Intellistring, from the coil memory standpoint. We are hoping that the packaged sets and especially the reels will have less coil memory to fight. It was one of the more difficult strings to work with from that perspective.

We also found it offering a more “wire-like” feel to the hand than we expected, given the elasticity ratings and projected comfort. (NOTE: These comments are based only on installation impressions, not actual play). We have found strings in the past that felt stiff to the hand, yet played soft, and vice versa. Heck, Kevlar feels nice and soft to the hand, but offers virtually no elasticity so it plays like a board. The TurboTwist, by contrast, is highly elastic (based on poly-based string standards). We also noted that the first two cross strings, when pulling through, made a distinctly unique sound. It sounded very much like elephants trumpeting. No doubt this was caused by the construction which for lack of a better term is “texture-like” due to the twisting done in the manufacturing of this string. Weaving the crosses was much easier than anticipated. I feared, given the wire-like feel and coil memory that the crosses would become nightmarish to install. This was not the case, though the coil memory did remain strong through 1/2 the crosses.

Will the TurboTwist offer the playability promised? Will it take poly-based strings to an entirely new level? We’ll have to eagerly wait and see, but we definitely would not bet against Siggi Weiss and the WeissCANNON team delivering another high quality product for tennis players throughout the world to enjoy. Stay tuned for more!

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  1. PKS on said:

    1.18 huh. well my sppp 1.18 gives me the best combination of bite crisp poly lasting about 4 sets. i dont want any poly to last me much longer. if this poly can last close to sppp 1.18, then i would like to pre-order . lol . sounds like a stretchy twist syn with a poly core. it can be called the “syn-poly”


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