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Remember listening to the morning announcements in school throughout the years? Well, I was one of the students who was lucky enough to read the morning announcements.  Typically they consisted of a platter of information to keep the students informed and updated.  Today’s blog entry is just that, some announcements for our customers.

1.  As of Friday night, 5/15/09, our phone systems are not in operation.  We can not receive incoming calls or retrieve messages.  We hope to have the situation resolved no later than Monday.  In the interim, if you need to reach us, please send us an email message and we will do our best to respond.

2.  Please note we have added a new and friendlier way for you to follow us on facebook.  Our new fan page will be a quick way to get out information about sales, new products and items of general interest.  We will no longer be updating the Friends of Guts and Glory Tennis Group on facebook, so please rely on our new fan page.

3.  We are still inviting you to follow us on twitter.  We are tweets several times daily to keep our followers aware of product information, twitter only sales and other fun stuff.  If you are active on Twitter, please follow us.

4.  We are currently playtesting several new string products that will be available in the coming weeks.  MSV EVO-HEX, WeissCANNON 6StarString and WeissCANNON TurboTwist.  Each has potential to fill a new niche in the stringing world.

Please stay connected with us through use of this blog as well as facebook and twitter.  We will tweet when our phones are once again operational.  Today’s lunch menu:  Johnny Marzetti with salad and pears.  Pastor of the Day is Reverend Dave.  There will be a fire drill sometime between 3rd  and 7th period so be prepared.  🙂

Thanks for your attention and have a great day everybody!

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