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More on Hybrid Crosses

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One of our more popular posts with readers of this blog is our entry on selecting cross strings for hybrids with poly-based mains.  While the content of that posting remains accurate, we would like to add a new perspective we did not have when the entry was written and posted over a year ago. Recently […]

Special Orders

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If you have played with the POG, can describe Imperial gut or know what a Yamaha Secret is, chances are very good you are of the age to remember the old Burger King jingle, “Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce…special orders don’t upset us…all we ask is that you let us serve it your way!” […]

Proposed service modifications

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In an effort to maintain a high degree of efficiency with serving our customers we are forced to consider altering some of our current practices.  These modifications will allow us to maintain our low prices.  At the same time, we want our customers to remain satisfied.  We are blogging about this in an effort to […]

Gauges – Our guide (The REAL Story)

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There is much confusion about the gauges of tennis strings as well as current conventions. This blog entry seeks to clarify the standards used at Guts and Glory Tennis while providing a general overview of current status. First off, the gauge of a tennis string refers to the diameter or thickness of the string. There […]

Bluetooth to cure tennis elbow?

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The concept sounds kind of wild, doesn’t it? However, upon closer examination, maybe it isn’t so far fetched…if viewed in the correct context. Ultimately when tennis players experience elbow tenderness, the initial action to take is to look for and hypothesize the actual cause. In some cases the cause can be technique related. In others, […]

MSV Packaging…What’s up with that???

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Several customers may have noticed that the packaging for some of the recent sets of MSV strings has changed recently.  Unfortunately this is causing puzzlement and confusion among some of our customers.  Inquiring minds want to know “What’s up with it?”  So that is exactly what this blog entry is designed to address. First, it […]

Follow us…save $$$

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Free Shipping.  $5.00 off.  $10.00 off.  $15.00 off. $30.00 off.    Tell me how! Over the past several weeks customers who are following our tweets have benefited from spur of the moment sales that we refer to as “Twitter Specials” on our tennis string products.  These sales are unannounced, (heck we do not even know when […]

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