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Spiraling cost of tennis strings.

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photoshpdollar1The cost of tennis strings is escalating rapidly.  Wilson is leading the way.  Most of their products as well as the Luxilon products they market are spiraling upwards.  Following them recently is Babolat who increased the cost of natural gut offerings to a staggering $41.95 per set.  I am not sure if it is quite as shocking as Luxilon asking $19.50 for their M2, but it is close.  It begs the question, “when will it stop?”

We are likely to continue to see increases in string costs during the upcoming year.  With that said, Guts and Glory Tennis is working hard to hold pricing levels on the strings we import and distribute.  In fact, we have lowered prices on our WeissCANNON XPulse (formerly called Repulse).  While the new string offerings may come with a bit higher pricing, we will do our best to maintain pricing of the current lineup for as long as possible.

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