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WeissCANNON Turbotwist – Initial review

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TurbotwistSo who really cares if the coil memory of this product makes the installation process take a couple minutes longer??? It is soooo worth it!!!!

The performance of the new WeissCANNON Turbotwist is shockingly good. It not only exceeded, it SHATTERED all reasonable expectations. This string clearly possesses all of the potential to be brobdingnagian, a literal giant in world of poly-based string products.

First the technical stuff.  In a nutshell WeissCANNON uses chemicals unique to them in the production of highly elastic co-polymer fibers which are twisted approximately200 times around a longitudinal axis. The result of this process is a poly-based string unlike any other we have seen to date. The performance is unbelievably solid.

The new WeissCANNON Turbotwist succeeds at finally reaching the illusive goal that string manufacturers have been aiming for with new poly-based strings over the past several years. It is a string that offers the control and spin of a traditional poly-based string along with the comfort, feel and power of a multi. The Turbotwist could very easily become the holy grail of strings for many of today’s players.

In our playtest we were impressed with the wide array of characteristics the string displayed. In all of our years of playtesting poly-based strings, we had not experienced a string that was as versatile as the Turbotwist. First off, we found plenty of spin. While most of the poly-based strings do a good job of biting the ball, this string is exceptionally good in the area of spin generation. Players who rely on spin are going to appreciate the way this string digs into the ball to produce rapid RPM’s. Perhaps equally or more impressive than the spin, was the overall comfort the string offered. If I did not know it was a poly-based string I would have guessed it was a crisp multi, along the lines of a Bi-Phase or Supreme. The power level impressed as did the control. It is easily the most lively poly-based string I have tested, and best of all, the power was completely controllable.

The test string was installed on April 24. One month plus three days later, May 27, the string had experienced a total tension loss of approx. 13.6% which is more than acceptable for a poly-based string product.

Because our playtest is limited, there are still several questions remaining to be answered. The string is only produced in a 1.18mm version (some would call it a 17L gauge, we call it an 18). We do not know how durable the string will be nor do we know how it will stand up to huge hitters and frequent string breakers. We do not yet know how long the string will hold playability in terms of court hours. While comfortable, we do not know how players with sensitive arms will respond to the string. In other words we do not know if it will be a poly-based option for those with sensitive elbows…early indications, however, are very promising. We do not yet know how the string will behave in hybrid situations.

Turbotwist sets are now available!  Click here to order directly.

We invite our customers to be among the first to discover this exceptional new product that has the potential to alter the string manufacturing landscape. We invite you to help us find answers to the unknowns we posted above.

This string proves it is not possible to judge a book by the cover. It feels extremely stiff and wirey during the installation process. The level of comfort and court performance is a shocking and stark contrast to what is expected based on the installation experience. For more on our installation impressions please see our previous blog entry on this topic.

Please feel free to ask us questions about this string here as well as posting your experiences.

21 thoughts on “WeissCANNON Turbotwist – Initial review

  1. PKS on said:

    interesting. sounds kinda like tecnifibre promix on steroids

  2. PKS on said:

    when would reels & another gauge be available?

  3. ggtennis on said:

    @PKS Reels available as early as Monday, possibly Tues. I know of no plans to produce in another gauge. Will have to check with manufacturer on this.

  4. MM on said:

    I just ordered 2 sets of this. I have been playing a hybrid of pro supex blue gear (16) and a no-name synthetic (16) at 50m/55c. Any suggestions on initial tension for this string? I suppose I will try a full string job first…so any reason to mix tensions?


  5. ggtennis on said:

    @MM – Thank you for your recent order. We know you are going to enjoy the WC Turbotwist.

    Due to the high elasticity of the Turbotwist, the manufacturer recommends using the same tension as is used with synthetics. In other words, unlike most other poly-based strings, no tension reduction is recommended for added comfort.

    BlueGear is exceedingly stiff and lacking in elasticity and feel. Hybriding it may make it a bit more tolerable. We have only playtested it as a full set and never tested it in hybrid form. Still, the characteristics of the poly-based mains will dominate in a hybrid so I am very confident the Turbotwist as a full stringjob will provide a much more satisfying overall playing experience for you. I believe you will realize at least the same spin as your current setup, if not more.

    It is impossible to give an exact tension recommendation, but given that you string the synthetics in a hybrid at 55, we suggest 55 as a minimum tension…you may even want to consider bumping it up another couple of pounds.

    Please stop back and let us know what you think.

  6. PKS on said:


    I think its time you create a new Trifecta Sampler Set with the new wc strings.

    6 star
    turbo twist
    explosive or white x or silver string


  7. ggtennis on said:

    @PKS – Great suggestion. We will see what we can come up with. It may be a few weeks. The sales of the Turbotwist are far greater than expected and we will need to restock before such a special or we will run out of inventory.

  8. John on said:

    I bought a set of the Turbotwist from you and I really enjoyed playing with it. It’s a great string. However I still love the fell of natural gut. Does Turbotwist make a good hybrid with natural gut? Or would hybriding the gut with something like Klip Scorcher be better? I loved the feel of ALU Power Rough with gut but I found that the ALU Rough lost it’s tention too soon. I also liked Pro Hurricane Tour 17g with gut but the PHT got mushy after a while. Do you have any suggestions as the best string I can hybrid with gut. Thanks, John from Riverside Ca.

  9. ggtennis on said:


    TY for your comment. While the TT is a terrific product, it does not approximate the feel of natural gut. In terms of hybrid with natural gut, we do not have any direct experience. The string is still too new and we have not yet tested it thoroughly as a hybrid and have not used it with natural gut at this point in time.

    That said, we believe it would pair nicely with natural gut and certainly believe it would offer superior performance to the ALU and Hurricane hybrids you have already tried.

  10. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    Do you recommend turbotwist as a hybrid or full set? is it much softer than technifibre black code? Is it similar in feel than technifibre bi-phase?

  11. ggtennis on said:


    We mostly use the turbotwist as a full set. We have found that is does play softer than black code. While is it soft and offers characteristics of synthetics, I would not say it compares directly with bi-phase.

    Thanks for visiting our blog!

  12. Adriel Lepretre on said:

    Hi. If you compare Turbo Twist with Scorpion in terms of comfort, feel, spin, softness and control, how would they measure?

    Thank you.

  13. ggtennis on said:

    Both are excellent products, yet very different. Comfort is subjective, but in my opinion an edge goes to TurboTwist. Feel is also subjective, and it depends what you are seeking thus I am unable to compare. Both spin the ball well, but spin production with TT excels. Softness, the TT is softer. Control…hmm…both offer good control, I’d have to rate it a tie.

    • Adriel Lepretre on said:

      Thank you and have a great day!

      • Julien on said:

        TurboTwist 1.24 vs Scorpion 1.22 vs Scorpion 1.28 vs Scorpion 1.33
        1/ For what kind of player each string ?
        2/ Differences in power, control, comfort, feel, spin restitution, tension stability, and durability ?
        NB : you’ve already said that TT > Scorpion / comfort and spin departements, and TT = Scorpion / control, but for what gauges ?

        Thank you very much.

  14. ggtennis on said:


    TurboTwist is a unique animal residing in neither than land of poly-based strings nor the world of synthetics. It sort of straddles those two worlds.

    1. TT for the player who likes the spin potential of polys, but needs more power and comfort. Scorpion for the poly-based string player who enjoys a comfortable and fairly lively poly-based string. Thicker versions = a bit lower power (not a significant amount, but some), greater durability and more solid feel.

    2. Thicker gauges = lower power in these strings and less spin potential while offering greater durability.

    Hope this helps.

    PS The new Mosquito Bite sort of bridges the gap between these two string offerings.

  15. Andrea on said:

    What is the stiffness of this string? thank you

  16. ggtennis on said:

    The string offers more elasticity than the majority of polys. It is the softest poly that we have hit.

  17. nikits on said:

    Which of these 2 strings are:
    1. better feel
    2. more spin

    TurboTwist or Signum pro TORNATO (1.17) ??

  18. ggtennis on said:

    I believe that both spin the ball nicely while TurboTwist offers a softer feel. Is that better? Depends on what the player prefers.

  19. Fabricio on said:

    Hello folks… I´ve noticed this topic is kind of frozen for a while. I wonder if anyone is still using Turbo Twist nowadays.
    How do you compare Turbo Twist wtih newcomers such as Ultra Cable, Solinco Hyper G, Alu power soft, etc. I mean, it looks that today we have more options of excelent Polys that offer a decent amount of comfort.



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