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MSV Packaging…What’s up with that???

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Several customers may have noticed that the packaging for some of the recent sets of MSV strings has changed recently.  Unfortunately this is causing puzzlement and confusion among some of our customers.  Inquiring minds want to know “What’s up with it?”  So that is exactly what this blog entry is designed to address.

First, it is important to note we are the exclusive US distributor for MSV string products.   When we first began delivering sets to our customers, we chose to use our own custom packaging that we designed and created in consultation with Mauve Sports for USA customers.  Because the string was new to US consumers we believed it was important to increase the amount of information provided via the packaging and we wanted it to stand out for our vendors who display it in clubs and tennis retail establishments.  We felt the USA packaging was bold in color and clever in copy content.

Recently because our orders have grown so much thanks to the many fine US players who are using these strings, our special order unpackaged sets have not always been available as quickly as they have been needed.  As a result we have asked for and received pre-packaged sets that have the new Mauve Sports packaging that is used for English speaking customers throughout the world.

Our option with these pre-packaged sets is to cut them open and repackage them in our packaging, or to sell them in the European packaging.  In an effort to be environmentally friendly and not generate unnecessary waste, we have chosen to sell them to individuals ordering through us in the European packaging.  We try to use the USA packaging for retail resellers, but often times individuals ordering through our Guts and Glory web site will find the white packaging instead of the red.

The same great, freshly made product is enclosed in each package.  The product maintains its excellence as only the packaging varies.  We do apologize to those that have been confused by this.  The bottom line is the products are the same, the packaging is different due to efforts to be kind to our environment.

As always if you have any questions feel free to post them here and we will do our best to respond in a timely manner.

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