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WC Black5Edge – The World’s 1st “Poly-Plush” String

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Many string companies will wait until key times in the tennis calendar to unveil new product offerings.  WeissCANNON’s new Black5Edge is being introduced to the tennis playing public at a rather unconventional time.  Why?  When a string is developed that generates unbridled praise and excitement that literally oozes from the pores of early playtesters; a […]

Textured Strings and Spin Production – – Our Analysis

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Those Crawford Lindsey and Rod Cross fellas are at it again.  We give them credit for attempting to look take a strict quantitative look at the science of tennis.  Their studies and writings are always interesting, yet unfortunately in many cases, incomplete.  The major issue they face is that they edit out much of the […]

Prolonging String Life

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Today’s blog entry is simply a quick tip we picked up years ago.  When using synthetic gut strings, if you tend to break them in the center of the stringbed, this tip could help you! Breaks in the center of the string bed are caused from friction wear.  In order to reduce friction you can […]

Bitten and Smitten!

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WeissCANNON is boldly introducing a string with the most interesting and exciting name in 2010, (and perhaps ever),  Mosquito Bite!  While the name is certain to garner a certain amount of attention, it is the performance that has players talking! After being on the market for approximately 2 weeks, the Mosquito Bite is leaving users […]

Signum Pro Micronite Reviewed

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Signum Pro’s newest premium multifilament string, Micronite,  is receiving accolades that are quite frankly hard to fathom.  In August, Germany’s tennis magazine, reported results of a playtest conducted by a panel of high level tennis players with an expertise in tennis strings. The Signum Pro Micronite was named test winner against multifilament offerings from Babolat, […]

Signum Pro Synthetics – Tennis’ Best-Kept Equipment Secret

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Several years ago the German Tennis Magazine conducted a playtest of new poly-based strings and named Signum Pro’s Poly Plasma as the Test Winner.  This past year, the same publication reviewed multifilament offerings and this time named the NEW Signum Pro Micronite as the Test Winner.  We were the first to introduce Poly Plasma to […]

A quick primer on string gauge

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Some of our recent communication with customers has involved discussion of string gauges.  Through these discussions it has become clear to me that the core differences between thinner gauge strings and thicker gauge strings is not always clear to tennis players.  Today we will attempt to provide a quick overview for our blog readers. Strings […]

“The Power of Purple!” – WeissCANNON 6StarString Supercharged

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Throughout the ages, purple has been the color of royalty.  Purple is synonymous with creativity.  Purple is posh.  Purple represents power and wealth.  Purple is fun, youthful and unique.  It is no surprise that WeissCANNON has selected purple as the hue of choice for its attention grabbing new product, 6StarString Supercharged! WeissCANNON continues to push […]

Theme week: Sharing more email messages via our blog

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Today we received an email message from a WeissCANNON Explosiv! user in Florida.  Check out what he had to say about this terrific product! To whom it may concern: I am a 36 year old, former collegiate player and currently compete at the 5.0 level. I run several adult tennis leagues for men and women […]

A Snipet of Yesterday’s Email Messages

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Included are excerpts from yesterday’s email messages we received as it pertains to our products.  We are proud to bring fantastic products to our customers.  Thank you for choosing Guts and Glory Tennis! “WeissCANNON TurboTwist 1.18.  I’ve been playing with it for 2 months and love it!” – Glenn W. “Hi John.  Hepta string by […]

MSV Hepta – Twist

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MSV Hepta – Twist has hit the US shores and judging from the astonishingly high number of email inquiries we are receiving, tennis players from coast to coast are eager to learn more about the newest offering from Mauve Sports. In late 2009 we playtested this product along with several local playtesters.  The results were […]

Should poly-based strings be prestretched?

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Today’s blog topic comes from a frequently asked question received via email and telephone from our customers.  We are often asked about prestretching poly-based strings.  While there are varying opinions on the topic, our position is resoundingly firm.  “Poly-based strings should NOT be prestretched.” Because poly-based strings offer excellent durability from friction wear, the perception […]

Jaw-Dropping new string AMAZES users…

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September 28  is a milestone in the life of the new WeissCANNON TurboTwist.  Today marks the 4th month that this product has been available in the USA and we continue to have trouble keeping it in stock due to high customer demand. For all the strings we have playtested and introduced through the years, none […]

Buy It and Try It!â„¢

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We would not have trademarked the name or created a fun logo if this new offer was not something special for our customers. Over the course of the past several months we have been introducing several exciting new string offerings.  We have also had a significant increase in the number of private, club and school […]

A new “Twist” on tennis string technology

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For years the lightbulb has been the universal symbol for a bright and new ideas.  Several years ago, the image of the traditional light bulb was set on its ear as a newer, more efficient light bulb began to emerge.  A bulb with a twisting appearance.  A bulb that would transform the lighting industry. This […]

The Sultry Allure of our German tennis strings. (Warning PG-13 Blog Entry Ahead)

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Playing with new strings, properly strung, should be a delightful experience for all levels of tennis players.  However, playing with our exclusive offerings from MSV and WeissCANNON takes this to an entirely different level.  In fact, our string offerings are so pleasurable there is only one adjective that could possibly come close to accurately describing […]

Gauges – Our guide (The REAL Story)

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There is much confusion about the gauges of tennis strings as well as current conventions. This blog entry seeks to clarify the standards used at Guts and Glory Tennis while providing a general overview of current status. First off, the gauge of a tennis string refers to the diameter or thickness of the string. There […]

WeissCANNON Turbotwist – Initial review

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So who really cares if the coil memory of this product makes the installation process take a couple minutes longer??? It is soooo worth it!!!! The performance of the new WeissCANNON Turbotwist is shockingly good. It not only exceeded, it SHATTERED all reasonable expectations. This string clearly possesses all of the potential to be brobdingnagian, […]

WeissCANNON 6StarString – early rumblings

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The WeissCANNON 6StarString has yet to officially hit the US shores and already it is one of the most popular email subjects appearing in the ol’ inbox. Here are some tidbits for the curious. 1. We have two samples out and being playtested. Both in hybrids. We have identified a full-set playtester, but need the […]

Spider Silk – The Future of Tennis Strings?

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Here’s an interesting bit we ran across while surfing the web. Recent laboratory innovations have allowed scientists to clone spider silk. Bioengineered spider silk is said to be strong as steel, yet flexible at the same time. The article from a Tufts University journal (see link below) states that possible applications include use in sporting […]

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